La Terrazza Sorrento Coast

The Laundry room


You are ready to book your plane ticket and you are already imagining yourself walking barefoot on the beach … but unless you plan to leave with a bundle of clothes on your shoulder, you will have to prepare a baggage.

Whether you are leaving for a short holiday, a business trip or wanting to save on stowage baggage, hand baggage is the best way to travel efficiently. Although some of these advantages may seem obvious, we sometimes forget them in the rush of taking the plane.

Advantages of traveling light:

  • No waiting for luggage when you land at the airport;
  • No worries that airlines will lose your baggage, especially in case of connections with other flights;
  • No extra charge for checked baggage;
  • Possibility to bring your backpack on board of a coach, without worrying that it is stolen from the glove compartment of the bus;
  • Possibility to always have the baggage by train;
  • Possibility to move on foot, optimizing transfers.

If you choose to travel light, here is that having the possibility to use a washing machine during your stay could be extremely convenient.

La Terrazza Family Holidays offers you a functional laundry room located in the attic, where you will find 2 washing machines and a new tumble dryer.

You will also have a drying rack and clothesline inside (away from rain and UV rays) and outside the terrace, to let your clothes kiss from the warm sun of Sorrento.

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