La Terrazza Sorrento

The Kitchen Livingroom

Choosing to rent an house with kitchen livingroom while on vacation instead of staying in a hotel is a good idea.

You could to enjoy plenty of meals at local restaurants, but also you have the option to stay in and cook. Which gives you a beautiful excuse to check out nearby markets; as well as take a break from eating out.

If you’re anything like us, you travel also to eat like a local.

Large Kitchen Livingroom at La Terrazza Family House Sorrento

Farm stands, cheese shops, butchers, fishermen, bakeries; that’s a kind of tourist attraction.

And renting a vacation home isn’t just about having enough beds for the aunts and significant others.

It’s about having a kitchen to return to, arms laden with fresh bread, seasonal fruit, local meats, fresh fishes and cheeses.

When you take food as seriously as we do, you can’t risk showing up at your “dream” house to find the knives are barely suited for butter you know; that delicious local butter you were drooling over during the whole drive. You just never know what a rental kitchen will yield, so we come prepared.

In the large Kicken Livingroom of La Terrazza Family House of 28 you’ll find:

Cooker, fridge, freezer, oven, microwave oven, dishwasher, ICE MAKER, toaster, blender, american coffee maker. BBQ, cutting boards, kettle, saucepans, frying pans, colander, grater, salad bowl, dinner plates.

Coffee mugs, small cups, jugs, cooking / serving utensils, wooden spoons, teapot, italian cooffee pots, full cutlery set, corkscrew, scissors, bottle opener, tea towels.

A new Dishwasher and Ice Maker.

Tea and coffee, condiments. Dining table and chairs for 13 guests, air conditioned cold, heating; MEV (Mechanical Extract Ventilation) for a good air quality, and balconies.

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