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SyART Sorrento Festival

The SyART Sorrento Festival is an international event, hosted in the splendid setting of Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento, with free admission, scheduled from Saturday May 11 to June 9 2019.

SyART Sorrento Festival
SyART Sorrento Festival

The event is organized by SyArt Sorrento, and is dedicated to contemporary artists.

The works selected at the event will be exhibited during the year in the Syart Gallery located at the entrance of the Villa Comunale of Sorrento, one of the most evocative places in the city.

The event is a showcase for contemporary artists, an opportunity for dialogue, openness, exchange and comparison between young artists and historicized names on the international scene.

Forty-two artists from eleven different countries will be hosted for the event.

Among these will be Julia Krahn, a German artist, transplanted to Italy for some years. The work that the artist now presents in Sorrento is extrapolated from a complex study, almost a journey, on women-madonnas-maddalene.

And some of these blow-ups will be exhibited in the garden of Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento, just to enter his study on women-madonnas-maddalene. His, therefore, more than an exhibition at Villa Fiorentino, will be an emotional space.

SyArt Sorrento Festival
SyArt Sorrento Festival

At Villa Fiorentino there is a whole room for Julia Krahn, where she leads a single image, with many symbols beside it. Those of undressing, made before shooting the model. Like letting go of the past. And then aromas of incense and background music, sounds that relax and lead to meditation. A place that wraps visitors through all the senses. “I love going to museums, studying iconography, light, the posture of paintings from the past”, says the German artist.

Slender, delicate, with Nordic colors Julia Krahn hides an explosive force. And he pours it into his work.

His photos are designed, imagined, and studied in detail, to which he devotes weeks.

When the time comes when everything that has been scrupulously imagined in a photograph is realized, eight hours of preparation also pass before the first shot takes place and then, click. And three or four large format negatives are ready and waiting for the press.

All the photos, immediately capture the look almost enchanting and invite you to think.

Because his photography is never trivial. It embodies all the nuances, emotions, struggles, and doubts that today’s women are experiencing.

In the essentiality of the traits, in the artfully calibrated light, his images come close to the images of Renaissance paintings.

The German artist, who first studied medicine in Germany, where she was born, then decided to move to Milan in search of spaces, cultures, languages ​​other than her own. Perhaps in search of light, real and interior.

A bit like nineteenth-century painters, who in their Grand Tour, were looking for emotions and life in Italy. She is full of emotions. They are the ones he then transfers to his photographs. Women are often the theme of his works.

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