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Sorrento ranks among the 10 most “family-friendly” Italian destinations according to Momondo’s research.

When the schools are over, and the holidays are upon us, for thousands of parents the most difficult moment begins: to organize the departure, putting the whole family in agreement, succeeding in having enough time for oneself without sacrificing one’s little ones and finally taking off from the daily routine.

family kit
family kit

In fact, family holidays are an opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, relaxing and enjoying the beauties that a trip can offer. But being able to satisfy the needs of adults and children simultaneously is not always easy.

According to data collected by, the digital platform for searching for flights and hotels, over a quarter of Italians (26%) choose facilities for their holidays that offer family-friendly solutions. That they are perfect both for the little ones, who will be able to spend time with their dedicated services, but also for the parents, who will be able to enjoy their well-deserved rest. All without sacrificing fun and the pleasure of being able to discover new realities in the company of loved ones.

In the wake of this trend and to inspire those who wish to spend healthy family time away from home, has compiled the list of the ten best-prepared destinations in Italy to address the needs of traveling families.

“Holidays with children are a must for Italian families and finding a solution that meets this need is among the priorities of many. The holidays must above all be a source of leisure and relaxation for everyone and even the time of choice should not be an obstacle.

Equipment for families and childrens. La Terrazza Family Holidays, Sorrento
Equipment for families and Childrens. La Terrazza Family Holidays, Sorrento

That’s why, with the help of our travel experts, we offer search through filters and different features, providing travelers with all the tools to better plan their stay, ”says Cristina Oliosi, spokesperson for Momondo.

In this scenario, the Sorrento Peninsula is confirmed as a destination for families. At your fingertips there are incredible natural sceneries, exciting archaeological ruins, characteristic and well-equipped beaches, delicious ice cream parlors and restaurants, verdant hills and a remarkable calendar of cultural events.

At La Terrazza Family Holidays, in the wake of the changing needs of our guests, in order to offer them enchanting opportunities for recreation, we have organized our entire structure, tailored to families.

La Terrazza Family Holidays has been perfectly equipped to offer even the youngest guests the most sincere welcome, typical of the people of the Sorrento Peninsula.

For the little guests we have therefore prepared:

  • 2 cots
  • 2 big chairs
  • 2 strollers
  • a bed rail
  • cutlery for baby food
  • the saucers
  • the thermos
  • the sterilizer
  • the bottle warmer
  • 2 baby bath tubs
  • a changing table
  • TVsat with Internet connection
  • Superfast broadband Internet, with coverage throughout the structure
  • books and board games
  • toys
  • coloring drawings
  • 2 washing machines
  • a tumble dryer

We are certain to offer our guests the serenity and freedom of a carefree journey.

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