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Safe Reception Protocol

Protocollo Accoglienza Sicura

At La Terrazza Family Holidays, we are applying the National Safe Reception Protocol – measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in tourist accommodation facilities – to guarantee the well-being and safety of our guests and collaborators.

We at La Terrazza Family Holidays have always been very attentive and sensitive to the serenity of the stay in our Holiday House, specialized in Family Stays. Therefore, we have always taken care of the cleaning of the house in an impeccable way, using environmentally friendly and non-toxic products.

For some time now we have started sanitizing La Terrazza Family Holidays, after each stay, with an effective Ozonator, which guarantees the saturation of each space, leaving a pleasant clean smell in the sanitized rooms.

Starting by the Guidelines of the World Health Organization and by the National Protocol “Safe Reception” – measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in tourist accommodation facilities, drawn up by the Category Associations, together with the Italian Red Cross and Prof Pierluigi Viale of the University of Bologna, we have implemented our procedures for cleaning and sanitizing the premises, adapting to the highest hotel standards.

Protocollo Accoglienza Sicura
Protocollo Accoglienza Sicura

Our Sanitation Program is open to contributions from the best scientific professionals, and to future regulatory developments.

Our procedures include:

  1. Continuous updating of the procedures in case of updating of the sources and on the basis of the experiences that will accrue during the application phase.
  2. Continuous training and awareness of Collaborators and Suppliers who have access to the La Terrazza Family Holidays House, regarding the prevention of infections.
  3. Prior information of the Guests regarding the transmissibility, symptomatology and use of the Personal Protective Equipment.
  4. Installation near the entrance door of a disinfectant gel dispenser with a concentration of 60-85% alcohol for hand hygiene, to be used at every entrance and exit from La Terrazza Family Holidays.
  5. House dedicated exclusively to a group of guests at a time. By entering the front door of Casa Vacanze La Terrazza Family Holidays, you will be sure not to share your rooms with anyone.
  6. Recording of guest and remote stay data. By sending the guest data before the stay, we will proceed to carry out all the legal formalities.
  7. Implementation of the Self Check In service, already carried out for some time with great satisfaction of all guests.
  8. Possibility for our guests to ask us for kits consisting of masks, disposable gloves and disinfectant gel.
  9. Installation of a waste bin equipped with a pedal, intended exclusively for the correct disposal of protective devices such as Masks and Gloves.
  10. Use of the personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks by the cleaners of the La Terrazza Family Holidays house at the end of the stay.
  11. Cleaning and cleaning of rooms and common areas carried out using detergents suitable for the different types of material treated, using non-toxic products. After cleaning, sanitization will be carried out.
  12. Sanitization of all rooms and all objects in contact with guests of La Terrazza Family Holidays, which is carried out by cleaning and subsequent disinfection with a sodium hypochlorite solution diluted 0.1% or with ethyl alcohol at 70% for surfaces that can be damaged by sodium hypochlorite.
  13. After the cleaning and sanitization of each environment, in addition to the most common protocols, we have provided for a further deep sanitization of the environments with the use of our ozone generator. Inside each room, at the end of the sanitation with sodium hypochlorite, the wardrobes and drawers will be left open, the doors and windows or balconies will be closed and the ozone generator will be activated for the time necessary to guarantee complete saturation of the environments. At the end of the treatment, ozone will be left to act for 60 minutes inside the environment, leaving doors and windows closed, for example. Meanwhile, the ozone generator will be placed in another room. At the end of the treatment, all the rooms will be sanitized, with a 99.9% reduction of viruses, bacteria, mites, microbes, pollens and suspended dust, leaving a pleasant clean smell in the room.
  14. The bed linen and towels supplied are subjected to a washing cycle with hot water at 90 ° and detergent. All linen provided will be present in the bedrooms at the time of ozonation and therefore will also undergo the sanitization process.
  15. Guests of the La Terrazza Family Holidays holiday home will always be updated on the evolution of the symptoms and transmissibility of the Virus. Inside the Welcome Book present in the House, in the instructions of the House, and in the Download section of this site there are two attachments to the “Safe reception” Protocol with further clarifications and information regarding the SARS-CoV-2 virus.


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