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Matteo Pugliese

Matteo Pugliese in Sorrento

Ehhibition of Matteo Pugliese in Sorrento “VORTICES”

Waiting for the summer cultural event with the exhibition dedicated to Marc Chagall. Villa Fiorentino and the squares of Sorrento arrive the works and installations of Matteo Pugliese in Sorrento.

A summer full of great art. It is the one who is about to live in Sorrento with two appointments for the enthusiasts’ great appeal; but also very interesting for those who know how to appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Matteo Pugliese
Matteo Pugliese

The first moment is dedicated to the works and installations of the milanese art artist Matteo Pugliese. Who will make a prelude to the clou of the season with the paintings of the Belarusian Marc Chagall.
The exhibition of Pugliese’s works is already under construction. The event, entitled “Vortices”, created by the Fondazione Sorrento; chaired by the friend Gianluigi Aponte and led by the Managing Director Gaetano Milano, and the City of Sorrento held by mayor Giuseppe Cuomo. Will involve the entire coastal city thanks to Installations located in the main squares of the city. As happened in recent years with the works of other great international artists such as Arnaldo Pomodoro, Augusto Perez, Pietro Consagra, Umberto Mastroianni and Giacomo Manzù.

Matteo Pugliese in Sorrento. At the moment the arrangement of the first sculpture in Piazza Andrea Veniero under the title “La Spina” is underway.

Then will be the square of Angelina Lauro where will find place “Die Mauer”, a work realized in 2009 on the occasion of the twenty years of the fall of the Berlin Wall. In Sant’Antonino Square, near the entrance of the Municipal Palace, the “Samurai X Custodian X” will be placed in black.

While a very similar installation but red, the “Custodian Samurai V” is intended for the overhanging bridge The fountain that rises at the entrance to Villa Fiorentino. At the port of Marina Piccola, in Piazza Marinai d’Italia, by the 10th May the colossal “Caretaker Samurai VIII Magnum” will arrive in Carrara marble and weighing several tons.

The organizers have foreseen a surprise, however, for the sculpture that will be placed in the center of Piazza Tasso, in the heart of Sorrento.

With the arrival of the works of Matteo Pugliese in Sorrento; the Fondazione Sorrento continues on the path started with the exhibitions of Aligi Sassu, Mimmo Paladino, Salvador Dalì, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mario Sironi and Pablo Picasso.

The staff of the Milanese sculptor, created in collaboration with the Imago Art Gallery in Lugano, will be inaugurated on May 20, 2017. More than fifty will be the installations of the most interesting of the Milanese artist.


Matteo Pugliese
Matteo Pugliese

So Pugliese sends on the battlefield of sculpture, to face and fight, how much man is more concrete and more aerial: body and fantasy.


So on one side of the line there are the works of the Extra Moenia series; figures who are trying a painful rebirth through a struggle with a wall-wall that imprisons them. Terribly humane and credible bodies that seem like children, grandchildren, or grandchildren; of four thousand years of sculpture devoted to the figure.
On the other side, the Army of the Guardians, ieratic timeless figures of the imaginary. Crush the planet, designed to protect our sacred spaces.

Weapons and armor, inspired by the most diverse cultures, become the metaphor of an inner security achievement. In these modern totems no longer have the rigorous classical canons of proportion and identity between reality and representation. Everything is overwhelmed in favor of a reassuring and solid corporeality.

The show continues with the series Underwater. Represented by female figures floating in space in an exaggeration of lightness and freedom.

Finally, the Scarabean series, sacred symbols that keep the memories and the spirit of the far-away life that is our childhood.
An original and versatile research, that of Pugliese, which uses the most varied materials. Bronze, marble, terracotta, aluminum, blown glass, ceramic, resin.
The exhibition catalog (Bandecchi & Vivaldi) is handled by the Imago Art Gallery and presented by Professor Philippe Daverio.
Pugliese’s exhibition will follow the great painting event. Villa Fiorentino will be exhibited throughout the summer for some of Marc Chagall‘s most important paintings.


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