La Terrazza Sorrento Coast

La Marinella beach, in Sant’Agnello

sant-agnello La Marinella beach

La Marinella in Sant’Agnello is a small black “sand” beach. 

la marinella beach santagnello
la marinella beach santagnello

This was the greatest little treasure.

La Marinella is the nearest beach to La Terrazza Family Holidays, it is only 2 kilometers far from.

Our guests, with only 15 minutes walking, will be at the sea.

Like most “beaches” in the area it’s not really sand, but rocks and pebbles.

However, this was very pleasant, the pebbles are minuscule and there is a small inlet that blocks waves and is very calm.

The beach is located in an urban area, surrounded by the cliffs. It is partially covered by trees which give natural shade.

It is a tiny bay with blue water and brown fine pebble, so you don’t need special shoes. The entrance to the water is very smooth. This beach is suitable for different categories of people, lonely travellers, relaxation getaway lovers etc. It is partially crowded during the high season.

If you want to swim in the ocean proper just walk over the cement dock and climb in, it’s fantastic.

The price is about average, 10 euro for a lounge chair for as long as you like, plus there are servers around if you do not want to sit in the restaurant who can bring your food to you.

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