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ventilazione meccanica controllata

Environmental well-being

The quality of the internal environments necessarily passes through proper ventilation and regular air exchange.

Living comfort is characterized by a constant exchange of the air we breathe inside our rooms, which guarantees us good quality of the air we breathe, hygrothermal well-being, reduction of indoor pollution and elimination of risks related to the presence of dust, mites, molds, viruses and bacteria.

At La Terrazza Family Holidays we turned to the network of professionals of who for us has studied, designed and implemented a latest generation controlled mechanical ventilation system, which is able to offer our guests a very high level of environmental comfort, combined with the advantages of energy efficiency and home automation control.

The chosen solution consists of two plant components:

The main component is composed of a centralized system of Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Treatment, equipped with high efficiency Heat Exchangers, which allows you to always have the optimum indoor temperature and degree of humidity.

It has been joined by a pair of VMC bidirectional ventilators with controlled mechanical ventilation, complete with heat recovery units and direct external sockets.

The two machines, with minimal dimensions and pleasant design, were positioned on the wall, so as to have two opposing flows. Both VMCs have been installed in the large Living Kitchen, which is the most used environment in the holiday home.

Both the air conditioning system and the VMC system, mount a series of sensors for continuous monitoring of the quality of the external and internal air that allow automatic management of the ventilation, in order to always offer a very high environmental comfort.

A series of automatic alerts are automatically sent to our devices when certain thresholds are exceeded.

Of course, we can also intervene directly on the systems, remotely, activating or deactivating some functions, in case of particular events with our home automation system.

The design choice of this system has guaranteed us to always offer guests hygrothermal well-being inside our rooms, with minimal environmental impact.

In addition, the continuous exchange of air allows the internal air containing dust, viruses and bacteria to be diluted with clean air from the surrounding citrus groves.

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