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Ecological Apartment in Sorrento Italy

Everyone likes to do something for the planet: to recycle, to take a bike instead of a car, to eat organic food. Why should we therefore stop when we go on vacation?

Ecotourism and ecological holidays are, today, an important element in choosing a holiday. In recent years we have become aware of the responsibility we have for the environment, especially when we go on vacation.

Many prefer a holiday of green tourism choosing to holiday in a farm, ecological holiday homes for nature tourism, ecological tourism and ecological holidays. Mainly motivated by the desire to know closely the flora, fauna and parks of our territory, a phenomenon that is fortunately growing.

There are three main areas that can actually reduce our ecological impact when we go on vacation:

– the distance we have to cover to reach the goal;

– the type of accommodation we choose;

– our daily behavior during the holidays.

In relation to the structures, it is clear that a holiday home allows a more efficient management of energy and is more sustainable than a hotel room, because, for starters, we have absolute control over the electricity we use, the air conditioning, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, heating and food expenses.

It is also possible to rent wonderful eco-lodges, and it is unquestionable that a wooden chalet in the Norwegian fjords does not have an impact on the environment as a large hotel might have.

Bruce Chatwin, a great writer and traveler, wrote that “the journey not only enlarges the mind, shapes it” : in the case of an ecological holiday this is even more true, because the stimuli that come from the place, the landscape and culture, there are also those relating to the choices of environmental responsibility, respect for the territory and the safeguarding of forgotten patrimonies.

For those looking for a more authentic holiday in Italy, in full respect of the environment that surrounds us, La Terrazza Family Holidays in Sorrento welcomes you in a recently renovated, using the materials typical of the place, coupled with the best insulation technologies thermal and acoustic.

At La Terrazza Family Holidays the word Ecology is declined daily, in all the acts we do, and in particular:

Eco hotel, La Terrazza Family Holidays
Eco hotel, La Terrazza Family Holidays

– Installation of energy saving lamps throughout the structure;

– Water system with flow reducers that allow up to 50% of the water used by each tap to which they are applied;

Thermodynamic solar panel system and last generation heat pump for the production of domestic hot water;

Ceiling fans to reduce the indiscriminate use of air conditioning;

– Independent air conditioners, adjustable in every room;

Gas boiler for the integration of hot water and heating, condensing, of the latest generation;

Remote control of accesses and appliances with high energy consumption;

– Purchase of new equipment with energy efficiency class A or higher;

Double thermal glass and Venetian windows;

– Choice of local essences and low water need for plants placed on the terrace

– Installation of a vine plant, to increase the natural shade of the terrace gazebo

– Installation of a low-flow point irrigation system on the terrace. With home automation control.

– Permanent insulation of the perimeter walls and ceiling;

– Natural dyes on the walls;

– Application of the ban on smoking inside the premises;

Strict recycling of paper, glass, plastic, metal, etc …;

– Recycling of materials;

– Crockery without plastic;

– Use of environmentally friendly detergents and sanitizers, such as alcohol vinegar for cleaning and disinfection;

– Equipment for soap dispensers in bathrooms;

– Use of at least 50% of ecological paper for stationery use;

– Use of rechargeable batteries in household appliances;

– Involvement of guests in our ecological choices, for example by inviting them to adopt, during their stay, simple but important measures to defend the environmental heritage;

– Support for initiatives aimed at the promotion and knowledge of the traditions, culture and history of the area in which we live or in which we find ourselves staying for vacation or for work.

To satisfy your every need, in summer and winter or on weekends, even out of season, you can choose La Terrazza Family Holidays in Sorrento, with the peace of mind to help reduce your environmental footprint.

Special offers for every moment of the year: 365 days of special offers to spend precious time with your family, a couple or a group of friends … and have fun in a healthy and respectful way, in close contact with the unspoiled nature of Italy!

For those who do not like to plan holidays, even extraordinary last-minute packages … to start with eco-momentum!

A holiday of natural wellness awaits you, declined in its most suggestive forms: typical dinners and refined restaurants, exciting outings on the territory or activities for the whole family …

Nature, relaxation, genuine flavors … excellent reasons to choose an environmentally friendly holiday at La Terrazza Family Holidays in Sorrento!

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