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disinfettazione con uvc

Disinfection with UV-C

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to the introduction of some simple, but mandatory, procedures to reduce the risk of contagion.

They range from simple hand washing for at least 40 seconds to using masks.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear how long the virus remains active on objects. Therefore, the ideal is in any case to apply sterilization protocols for greater safety.

Scientists have confirmed that one method of sanitation could be the use of bleach or alcohol-based products. Naturally, the products must be used inside the rooms, in the presence of adequately trained personnel.

This method is perfectly fine, and we already use it, during the guest change period. At this time, our operators have the entire structure free and free from the personal effects of guests.

Another non-invasive sanitization system that can be managed remotely without being present on site, is to use UV-C lamps.

At La Terrazza Family Holidays we therefore decided to implement our Sanitation Protocol with the installation in the three bedrooms and in the Living Kitchen of an advanced fixed disinfection system with UV-C lamp, managed remotely.

The advantages of combining this technological choice with Ozone Disinfection are many.

First of all, the possibility that we can manage the germicidal lamps from a distance, allows us to activate and deactivate them without having to enter the house, thus also guaranteeing the privacy of the guests.

We can therefore set up periodic disinfection cycles during the absences of guests, just before their arrival and also immediately after their departure.

In addition, we can also schedule Deep Sanitation routines, during periods when the House is empty.

We thus have the guarantee of carrying out a deep sanitation intervention, but respectful of the environment.

What is UV-C light?
sanitation with UVC
Ultra Violets are spontaneously present in the sun’s rays. UV-C light is completely absorbed by the atmosphere and this prevents it from reaching the earth’s surface.

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a range of light frequencies, for the most part invisible to the human eye. Ultraviolet rays are divided into 3 categories according to their wavelength: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

UV-B light is largely absorbed in the ozone layer of the earth’s atmosphere.

UV-A rays are not absorbed by the atmosphere, but spread like other lights and reach the earth’s surface unaltered.

Since UV-C is filtered in the atmosphere and does not reach the earth’s surface, microorganisms are unable to create a natural defense against UV-C light.

The UV-C band is effective in the destruction of viruses and bacteria, because its short wavelength is able to penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms.

Even the latest studies on Covid19 have testified to the effectiveness of UV-C against the virus.

Therefore, we had no doubts in choosing to install this additional system that allows us to offer our guests continuous sanitation, without being invasive. And not at the same time activate the UV-C sanitization remotely, when necessary, without exposing our collaborators to possible risks.


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