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Digital Nomads in Sorrento

nomadi digitali

1 rooftop 2
1 rooftop 2

In the collective imagination, being a Digital Nomad means having a dream job.

Travel the world with the essential, armed with your own laptop and stop to work in New York’s coffee shops or perhaps in a splendid paradisiacal beach, sipping a cool cocktail with the turquoise sea in the background …

It is also believed that one can move continuously from one destination to another, always eliminating new countries from one’s “list of places to visit”.

However, as often happens, the reality of Digital Nomads has often been fictionalized.

Being a Digital Nomad does not mean making a simple job choice, but actually constitutes a real life choice.

In recent times, the possibility of choosing a lifestyle from Digital Nomads has become available to more and more people, thanks to a trend that is changing the way we conceive the balance between career and private life.

Distance work!

The tumultuous technological development that is inducing many to work from the comfort of home, is allowing a new generation of travelers to work virtually wherever there is a comfortable location, an electrical outlet and a good Wi-Fi connection.

High speed Access point
High speed Access point

High capacity access point High capacity access point

La Terrazza Family Holidays is a Smart Home, equipped to comfortably accommodate even Digital Nomads:

safe notebook 17
safe notebook 17
  • The entire structure is covered by the internet Fiber Mesh WiFi broadband network.
  • On the first floor we have installed 3 high capacity Access Points, to ensure optimal coverage in all rooms.
  • On the terrace we have installed an external Access Point that ensures the coverage of the terrace and the external areas, up to the parking lot.
  • We have also prepared some LAN sockets to always offer you an optimal connection.
  • In the rooms you will find electric and USB outlets near the bedside tables, and a multiple socket and USB on the desks.
  • In each room we have prepared a desk with multiple socket to charge your devices, the courtesy light and a comfortable chair.
  • In each room there is an electronic safe where you can keep your most precious equipment. We have also prepared a new, wider safe where you can also store a 17-inch notebook, with the socket to charge the computer inside.
  • On the terrace there is a comfortable shaded gazebo, equipped with table and chairs, deckchairs, sun loungers and a comfortable table for drinks. Also on the terrace we have prepared the external electrical outlets.

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