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Christmas in sant agnello

Christmas in Sorrento


Sorrento also experiences intense cultural and artistic activity during the winter, which guarantees the high quality of the stay of the numerous visitors.

The merit is of Sorrento Incontra  declined in its winter version:  “M’Illumino d’Inverno” . 
The initiative is a mixture of arts, culture, expressive forms and artistic contaminations, in a land where light, the source of inspiration for poets and painters, returns in the autumn-winter period in the form of shimmering luminous decorations that enhance the treasures art of the city and give life to a living theater along the streets, the historical center and the monuments.

christmas in Sorrento decorations
christmas in Sorrento decorations

M’Illumino d’Inverno therefore proposes the illumination of the artistic-architectural emergencies of the entire historical center in a sort of film set, where spaces, palaces and monuments become scenarios of artistic performance. To these great traditions are added the food and wine productions. 

The paraphrase of the famous “Morning” by Ungaretti well defines this sorrentine kermesse, as the light illuminates the darkness of winter and extends as already said the tourist season also offering a socio-cultural service to the citizens of Sorrento.

Given the international importance of Sorrento, the quality of tourism that populates it and the preparation of the resident public accustomed to quality artistic programming, we propose a program of high artistic profile in order to permanently place the City of Sirens in the circuit of the most prestigious national and international festivals.

The Teatro Comunale Tasso, the historic center, the city churches, and other places in the area will be transformed into evocative stages for the occasion. The settings will fit discreetly in the contexts integrating in this way perfectly with the places in order to enhance them and respect them.

Here is the rich calendar of events:

October 26-27 
Correale Museum 
23rd Sorrento Peninsula Prize Arturo Esposito
The program schedule includes the following program: 
Dialogue with Oreste Lopomo, journalist and writer of the TgR Rai Basilicata. 
Meeting on cinema and cultural heritage, with the participation and speeches of Giancarlo Magalli, voice actor and author, and of Paride Leporace, director of the Lucana Film Commission.

November 14 
Teatro Municipal Tasso
International Music – Stefano Bollani
Bollani will be solo piano but more than a traditional piano concert his will be a tribute to the art of improvisation because the moment he goes on stage for a one man show, all it can happen. A journey from Bach to the Beatles, from Stravinsky to Brazilian rhythms, with sudden incursions into pop or Italian repertoire of the forties.

From 23 November 2018 to 31 January
Lighting of decorative decorations on city streets

From November 23 at weekends 
Street entertainment and marching band

30 November 
Teatro Municipal Tasso
International Music – Piazza Vittorio Orchestra
The OPV is a multiethnic orchestra born in 2002 from an idea by Mario Tronco of the Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel inside the Apollo 11 Association, a project supported by artists, intellectuals and cultural operators who wanted to enhance the Esquilino district of Rome, where Italians are an ethnic minority. In a very short time, it becomes one of the most important international music world realities produces numerous records, and is present in many festivals, television and 
film events.

christmas in Sorrento
christmas in Sorrento

1-2 December 
Cathedral of Sorrento 
Divine Sounds

2 December 
Coast to Coast Marathon

From 3 to 8 December 
Teatro Comunale Tasso 
Professional Cinema
Days The Professional Cinema Days are the main convention of the Italian film industry and specifically are promoted by ANEC, the national association of cinematographic operators, in collaboration with ANICA, the national association film and audiovisual industries, and ANEM, a national association of multiplex operators.

In the first days of December there will be previews and previews of upcoming cinema products, conferences and focus on important topics, meetings and interviews with the most authoritative directors and interpreters of Italian cinema, an exhibition-market of the latest trends and technologies for cinema, awards and prizes to major films, special events.

For all cinema-lovers who live in Sorrento or who will go to the town for the event, the Giornate presents itself as an exclusive event, where to participate in unique events and meet the stars of our cinema.
During the event there will be a major award ceremony during which the Golden Tickets are awarded, important awards given each year to the films that have made the highest grossing of the season.

The evening, a further moment of sharing and celebration of the cinema and its representatives, will constitute an important event in itself, by virtue of the presence of prominent personalities from the world of entertainment and cinema, called to intervene.

14 December 
Teatro Comunale Tasso 
Sorrento Jazz 
Simona Molinari
Singer-songwriter and jazz musician among the most appreciated in the Italian music scene, Simona Molinari has collaborated and duets with world famous artists, among which we mention Al Jarreau, Gilberto Gil, Peter Cincotti, Andrea Bocelli, Ornella Vanoni, Lelio Luttazzi, Renzo Arbore, Massimo Ranieri, Fabrizio Bosso, Franco Cerri, Stefano Di Battista, Dado Moroni, Roberto Gatto, Roy Paci and Danny Diaz.

In Italy it is best known to the public for the radio hit In search of you and for the two participations at the Sanremo Festival in 2009 with the song Egocentrica and in 2013 paired with the New York jazz musician Peter Cincotti with the song La Felicità that reached the Gold Record.

The artist has also been involved in the soundtrack of the film “Tiramisù” by Fabio De Luigi and has been involved in a long tour that has passed 100 concerts in Italy and worldwide: from the Blue Note in New York to the Estrada Theater in Moscow, from the Umbria Jazz Arena to the Tenco Prize just to name a few. 
“Maldamore” is the first single extract of the new album by Simona Molinari, thus confirming its unique talent.

christmas in Sorrento
christmas in Sorrento

15 December 
Teatro Comunale Tasso 
Sorrento Jazz 
Maria Pia de Vito
Maria Pia De Vito is an Italian singer and composer. 
It combines an interest in ethnic and traditional Mediterranean music with jazz experimentation.

At the end of the 90s he collaborated with Rita Marcotulli on the project “Nauplia”, a fusion between Neapolitan melody and jazz. He has collaborated with several musicians, including John Taylor, Ernst Rejiseger, Paolo Fresu, Norma Winstone, Steve Swallow, Gianluigi Trovesi, Enrico Pieranunzi, Enrico Rava, Giorgio Gaslini, Ivan Lins.

December 16th 
Teatro Comunale Tasso 
Sorrento Jazz 
B & B Quartet

December 20 
Teatro Comunale Tasso 
Concerto Pavarotti Foundation

December 21st 
Teatro Comunale Tasso
Music Christmas concert – Ambrogio Sparagna and Peppe Servillo in “Fermano i Cieli”
Around the mid-eighteenth-century Alfonso Maria de ‘Liguori, founder of the Redemptorist Fathers, began to accompany his pastoral work among the poor of the Kingdom of Naples with the practice of some spiritual songs composed both in dialect and in Italian. 

These were songs with a simple structure, which inspired melodic ideas from popular themes, with which the missionary taught the “” lazzari “” the foundations of Catholicism, making them protagonists of liturgical rituals through the creation of special prayer groups (serotine chapels).

The show stopped the skies proposes some of these popular religious songs and others specially composed by Ambrogio Sparagna entrusting them to the original interpretation of Peppe Servillo.

31 December 
Teatro Comunale Tasso 
End of Year
Concert The New Year Symphony Concert in Sorrento, the only one of its kind in the whole of Campania, traces the notoriety of the famous and usual New Year’s Concert in Vienna. Unlike the Viennese one, however, the End of the Year Symphonic Concert in Sorrento takes place on December 31st and was set up by the City of Sorrento to greet the old year and to welcome all the guests and tourists who decided to celebrate the New Year in the Sorrento Peninsula.

Waltz, Polke and Viennese melodies will delight and further enchant guests and citizenship of Sorrento. Because if it is true that beauty inspires music it is equally true that music has always lingered in the beautiful Sorrento.

1st January 
Piazza Tasso 
New Year’s Square In
the past few years an exhibition has been experimented in Piazza Tasso, with Dj, music and vocalist, which has enjoyed considerable success. 
Also, this year there is a big party with music in Piazza Tasso to wait together for 2019.

Christmas in sant agnello
Christmas in sant agnello

1st January 
Piazza Tasso, Piazza della Vittoria, Piazza dei Marinai 
The night between December 31st and January 1st many tourists crowd the streets to wait for the show of Fireworks visible from the Villa Comunale, from Piazza della Vittoria or along the road that leads to the port.

05 January 
Municipal Theater Tasso
International Music – Teresa Salgueiro
Teresa Salgueiro used to sing Fado and Bossa nova in the streets and bars of Lisbon. At sixteen he moved together with some friends in the old city, continuing to perform in the neighborhoods of Bairro Alto and Alfama. In 1987 Teresa met guitarist and producer Pedro Ayres Magalhães and, together with cellist Francisco Ribeiro, accordionist Gabriel Gomes and keyboardist Rodrigo Leão, decided to form the Madredeus.

From that year on the complex has made eleven albums, also thanks to numerous tours, a great success all over the world. Together with Magalhães, he played one of the main parts in the Wim Wenders film Lisbon Story, shot in 1994, also curating the soundtrack, published under the title of Ainda.
Teresa Salgueiro also sang as a special guest in the albums of Carlos Nuñez and António Chainho.

In 2005 he released his first solo album, entitled Obrigado, which boasts the participation of musicians such as Caetano Veloso, Carlos Nuñez and José Carreras. In 2007, with a surprise decision, he left the Madredeus to follow the solo career. In the same year he took part in the 57th edition of the Sanremo Festival as guest of the Stadium, with whose singer Gaetano Curreri interprets the song “Guardami”. It is currently considered one of the most beautiful voices in the world.

12 January 
Teatro Comunale Tasso
Music for young people – Tommaso Primo
Tommaso Primo represents the naivest wing of the new-songwriting singer-songwriter, who for some time has hatched more than worthy under the ashes, with peaks emerging or emerging from the Foja di Dario Sansone, the Forni-Graziano duo, Alessio Arena, Maldestro and Gnut.

His debut album “Fate, sirene and samurai”, produced by FullHeads and AreaLive with the collaboration of Trail Music Lab and distributed by iCompany, is a sort of unlikely ethnic cartoon, a true manga, a melody suspended between the Vesuvius and Brazil. Pino Daniele meets Caetano Veloso, Miyazaki moved in front of the brash vitalism of the porous city but also Fellini’s carnal nonsense.

19 January 
Teatro Comunale Tasso 
The new tour of Maldestro starts from Sorrento, coinciding with the release of its new album.
It is not easy to be innovative. And this is a concept that applies to all historical periods and to all contexts.

They are called “geniuses”, those that glimpse in the sea of ​​things felt and resentful, written and rewritten, said and laughed, something really new that is detached from everything that in some way has the undeniable virtue of being a parent. This has made Maldestro in the panorama of Italian songwriting.

Already kept an eye on by critics in recent years, which gave him a Tenco in 2013 and many praises, the Neapolitan singer-songwriter, with participation in the Sanremo festival, has proposed to the general public, with “Canzone per Federica”, obtaining the second place in the ranking of new proposals, the Mia Martini award, and receiving the highest number of awards such as the PRIZE LUNEZIA, the ENZO JANNACCI PRIZE, the ASSOMUSICA AWARD and the award given by the BASILICATA REGION for the BEST VIDEOCLIP

January 26 
Municipal Theater Tasso 
Multidisciplinary Production
A show will be created that will bring together well-known professionals of international fame together with local artists.

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