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Christmas in Sorrento 2017

M’Illumino d’Inverno 2017 / 2018

The program of events for Christmas time in Sorrento.

M’Illumino d’Inverno 2017 / 2018, the program of events for Christmas time in Sorrento.

christmas in Sorrento
christmas in Sorrento

The rich calendar of appointments included in the bill of the tenth edition of the M’Illumino d’Inverno 2017/2018 show; which is scheduled to take place from the end of October 2017 until the next spring until March 2018, pending the Easter initiatives.

The initiative is organized by the councilor at the Events of the Municipality of Sorrento under the artistic direction of Mvula Sungani

The billboard is divided into thematic areas:
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – Light – Bright decorations (until January 31, 2018)
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – Music in the Cathedral
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – Jazz Musician
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – Music and Meetings with Artists
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – Cinema
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – On the road
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – Art and Nativity Scenes
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – Feast
– M’Illumino d’Inverno – Fires in the night.

The program of events for Christmas time in Sorrento.

These, in detail, the events and dates:

M’Illumino d’Inverno – LIGHT – LUMINOSONS (until January 31, 2018)

November 18: Lighting lights
November 25: Christmas Tree Power On

M’Illumino d’Inverno – MUSIC

October 20, Theatine Convent: “Here where the sea glows”
October 27, Cathedral of Sorrento: Angelo Branduardi and Maurizio Fabrizio
October 28, Cathedral of Sorrento: Dominic Miller
October 29, Cathedral of Sorrento: Carlo Fava and Luciano Biondini
November 25, Armida Theater: Ara Malikian
December 9, Theatre Convent: Harlem Gospel Choir
December 16, Theatre Convent: Giovanni Caccamo
December 17, Church of N.S. Lourdes: Carlo Morelli Gospel Choir
December 19, Armida Theater: “Christmas” with Peppe Barra
December 21, Church of SS. Annunziata: Jazz Music Virginia Sorrentino Trio feat Pietro Condorelli
December 22, Church of SS. Annunziata: Jazz Music Larry Franco Trio feat Dee Dee Joy
December 22, Church of SS. Annunziata: Jazz Music Tony Esposito Experience
December 30, Church of SS. Annunziata: “Presentation” with Peppe Servillo and the Solis String Quartet
December 31, Theatre Convent: Concert at the end of the year S.C.S. Sorrento Sinfonietta International Orchestra
1st January, St. Anthony’s Basilica: New Year ‘s Concerto S.C.S. Sorrento Sinfonietta International Ensemble Orchestra
January 5, Armida Theater, Malika Ayane
January 13, Theatre Convent: Raiz & Radicanto
January 27, Theatre Convent: Francesco Taskayali
March 17, Theatre Convent: The Sound of Places.

christmas in Sorrento decorations
christmas in Sorrento decorations

M’Illumino d’Inverno – CINEMA

November 26, ARMIDA Theater: Lucky Red’s special screening of the film: THE SOLDIERS by Francesca Archibugi with Claudio Bisio and Antonia Truppo
November 27th, PIAZZA ROSA: Tree Invasion with Movies to Define
ARMIDA Theater: Preview 01 DISTRIBUTION of the movie: WONDER by Stephen Chbosky with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson
November 28, ARMIDA Theater: Film preview to be reserved for schools By Agiscuola
ARMIDA Theater: Preview VISION DISTRIBUTION of the film: Alessandro Gassman’s PREMIUM with Alessandro Gassman, Gigi Proietti, Rocco Papaleo, Anna Foglietta and Matilda De Angelis. The director and some actors of the film will be present in the room
November 29, ARMIDA Theater: Film preview to be reserved for schools By Agiscuola
ARMIDA Theater: Gold and Gold Opening Ceremony 2016. Directed by Lorena Bianchetti
November 30, The ARMIDA Theater: movie preview THE FERDINING TORO Carlos Saldanha’s animated film, Cathy Malkasian, Jeff McGrath
December 1, ARMIDA Theater: preview movie THE MAN INVESTING CHRISTMAS by Bharat Nalluri, with Dan Steves and Charles Dickens
December 2, ARMIDA Theater: Film Preview THE CHRISTMAS HANGERS Timothy Reckart’s animated film.

Christmas in Sorrento 1
Christmas in Sorrento

M’Illumino d’Inverno – ART AND PRESEPI

from 26 December to 6 January, Borgo di Priora: Living Crib

M’Illumino d’Inverno – HOLIDAY

December 31, Piazza Tasso: New Year’s Eve in Piazza

M’Illumino d’Inverno – NIGHT WINES

December 31: Pyrotechnic Fireworks

Christmas in Sorrento