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Sorrento Coast

An Autumn escape to Sorrento Coast

Three days in Penisola Sorrentina to get you in the mood of full relax.

It’s really the case to say it: “Winter is coming“. But let’s not fret. Winter season is coming, but it hasn’t come yet.

While Autumn winds blow our city towards December, the air stings our cheeks in the morning and trees dress themselves of a last red before stripping down with the cold, there’s still hope, we still can look for warm places. And there’s a place that keeps the heat of Summer longer that any other place: the beautiful Sorrento Coast.

Panorama a Sorrento

Sorrento is one of the cities of the Divina Costiera (as the actress Anna Magnani called it in one of her movies) that remain lively throughout the year, but it is special in those moments of transition between Spring and Summer, and between Autumn and Winter.

It only takes three days to enter a full relax mode. The flight to Naples is very short, and after, instead of renting a car (and pushing your luck driving on one of Italy’s busiest highways and most spectacular streets) we recommend the hydrofoil: in 50 minutes you arrive in Sorrento, and it feels like a mini cruise in one of the most beautiful Gulfs in Italy, the Bay of Naples.


If you want to explore the surroundings or make a longer stop, you can take a boat to Capri or Positano or stay in Sorrento and go to the splendid Regina Giovanna’s Baths, a natural swimming pool among the rocks beaten by the sea.

If you just want to relax chatting with guests from all over the world, you can spend the entire weekend of your escape between the hotel and the beach, which I especially recommend, because in the evenings you will be forced to go out for dinner and have plenty of opportunities to see Sorrento.

Walk through the historic center, a labyrinth of narrow streets with lots of shops and restaurants. There’s plenty to visit: a real hidden gem is the 14th century cloyster of St. Francis Church, which is great if you wanna sit in the shadow and fend off the midday heat. If you want to travel through space and time visit the Nymphaeum of the ancient Roman villa of Agrippa Postumus, that are now part of the Bagni Salvatore beach.

Autumn is the best time to visit them, that is avoiding the botherings of the overcrowding. In the middle of the cliff’s rock there are man made arcade and hald-sunken rooms adorned with mosaics. A truly beautiful spectacle.

sorrento shop

You surely can’t miss the Duomo Cathedral, baroque on the inside and neo-gothic on the outside. Or the Basilica of St. Antoninus where the relics of the saint are kept.

You could also spend a relaxing afternoon in Villa Fiorentino, where there are often art exhibits and events, but that also has a wonderful park famous for its flowers.

To complete your escape, you need a sunset. Here are some perfect spots: the always crowded but very romantic Villa Comunale and Terrazza La Marinella in Sant’Agnello, the nice town before Sorrento.


Inn Bufalito is a modern bistrot with an authentic flavor, which, as its name suggests, offers many varieties of mozzarella and buffalo cheese, as well as many dishes of Neapolitan cuisine.

The meals are light and creative and eating here will definitively improve your vacation. If the weather is good and the seats are available, try to eat outside: you could have your lunch or dinner in one of the little alleys of Sorrento. Try the Ricotta di bufala and Caprese pie with lemon. Inn Bufalito also has its own boutique ideal for some gourmet shopping before departure.

Pizza Margherita

To have a classic dinner by the seaside, you can opt for Bagni Delfino, where the catch of the day is served in a small port of Marina Grande.

The view you have from this restaurant is simply priceless and the staff just great: even in the middle of touristic craziness its memebers don’t stop being kind even for a second. This is a really classy place and the food is great.

If you’re traveling across the panoramic route that goes from Sorrento to Positano, take the chance of having a lunch in the magical Nerano bay. There are several, very good restaurants. You’ll try the best zucchini spaghetti of your whole life.


You can’t leave Sorrento without buying a Limoncello, lemon soap and Limoncello candies to be stored only in the fridge when you return home.

We advise the Terranova Factory Shop; you can go straight to the estate or buy the products in the city center.

But fortunately, not all the souvenirs are edible: the Sorrento Coast is famous also for handmade sandals and Sangallo caftans.

sorrento shop

Those of Sandali Siniscalchi are 100% customizable. Visit the shop to see the masterpieces.

Those by Antica Sartoria by Giacomo Cinque, instead, are world famous by now (even in a small town in Florida there is a shop). But here you will find one of the first stores with a wide range of clothes and braided cloth necklaces.

For something really special, such as paintings, home accessories and futuristic bijoux, you have Unica Concept Store.

As you maybe already know, the Campania region is famous for its Christmas tradition, so in Sorrento there is a Christmas Shop open all year round.

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